8 Tips for Photographing Your Car for Sale

If you’re looking to sell your car, you may be surprised with how much the appearance of your vehicle impacts purchase decisions. Before you photograph your vehicle to post online, here are eight tips you need to know to take the perfect gallery of your vehicle. These tips are sure to get some interested buyers.

1. Wash your car.

While it seems like a given, many people overlook giving their vehicle a good cleaning before taking photos online. Dirt or grime can make your vehicle look much older and can turn away potential customers. Clean the outside and inside of your vehicle as much as possible before taking any photos to ensure that the pictures are appealing.

2. Use a good camera.

Using your old camera phone may be the easiest option, but it’s important to use the best device possible. The more megapixels, the better your car is going to look in the photo. Newer phones often have an excellent camera built into the phone, so using your newest iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 would be a great option for taking photos. Just be sure to set it up for optimum settings.

3. Consider the lighting.

Choosing the lighting for your photos should be one of the biggest things to consider. Never take a picture of your vehicle in the dark or shade, as this will be unappealing to many buyers. Proper lighting allows your car to shine and lets potential buyers see all of the details. Taking a photo in an open area without trees or buildings can be one of the best places to position your vehicle.

4. Choose a good location.

If your street often has garbage littered around the road, try to find a new area to take your pictures. It is good practice to take a photo of your car in a location where there aren’t other cars in the background. You might have better luck finding a place like this early in the morning. Early morning light will also create optimum lighting.

5. Don’t hide flaws.

Choosing to hide flaws can seem deceptive to a potential buyer. The best thing to do is show the flaws in the pictures. In the long run, this method can save you time. No one wants to meet with a buyer that expected something different about your vehicle, only to arrive dissatisfied with what they see.

6. Take several photos.

Rather than taking one photo of the side and the front of the vehicle, take a variety of pictures. Be sure to take a picture of the full exterior and interior of the vehicle. You want to show the tire tread, grill, and tail lights to give a complete view of your car.  Taking multiple photos also gives you plenty of photos to choose from when it comes time to upload the pictures.

7. Show the odometer and VIN.

Listing the odometer and vehicle identification number (VIN) in your advertisement is essential, but also include a photo of this information. This increases the validity of your post, showing that you are trustworthy, which can also increase your chances of finding a buyer.

8. Show off special features.

If your vehicle has a few upgrades, like a sunroof, folding seats, upgraded stereo, or any other performance upgrades, show them off in your photos. Special features are a huge selling point for any vehicle and helps your vehicle stand out from the other listings buyers search through.