The Benefits of Combining Home and Auto Insurance

an umbrella over a house and car symbolizing combining home and auto insurance

While there’s always the option to purchase stand-alone home and auto insurance plans, there is another approach to consider. You can work with one agent and secure both types of coverage through a single provider. To make the deal even more advantageous, you can sign up for a plan that provides both types of protections. This results in several benefits that will make life a lot easier.

You’ll qualify for a hefty discount.

Many providers who offer this type of combined coverage will provide their customers with a discounted rate. The benefits are still the same, but the total of the combined monthly premium is less than the cost of two separate premiums. This means that from the very first month that the plan goes into effect, you begin to save money without having to compromise on the scope of the coverage.

Combining policies means combining bills.

With separate policies for home and auto coverage, you have to plan for maintaining two obligations every month. They come with different due dates and their own premium amounts. When you factor in the line items for food, clothing, shelter, credit cards, and other obligations that you must track, it sure would be nice to simplify things, even if only a little.

Opting for a combined policy does mean one less line item to track in your household budget. There is only one due date to keep up with, and there is only one payment to make in order to keep both parts of the plan active. In today’s world, anything that helps to simplify the process of paying bills is welcome in most homes.

You build a relationship with one agent.

While you could choose to have a separate insurance company for each policy, think about what that entails. You have to keep up with the terms and conditions that govern the submission of claims when you want to receive benefits for a covered event. That can be difficult, especially if the procedures for filing and checking the status of a claim are very different between those two providers.

Compare that scenario with having one agent and one provider to work with on anything that has to with the car and the house. You’ll find it easier to process the paperwork, and always know how to find out what is happening with the claim. That leaves you with more time to focus on other important matters that are calling for your attention.

The key to using this process successfully is to look closely at the terms and conditions that apply to the combined insurance arrangement. Are you happy with the deductibles that apply, and the caps on the benefits available for every covered event? Is the scope of the coverage enough to keep you safe in just about any situation that could possibly happen? Do you find the cost of the combined premium to fit into your budget with ease? If you can answer yes to all these questions, then there’s no reason to wait any longer. Talk with your agent, have the contracts prepared, and sign up today.