The Best Car Covers for Every Situation

a car covered by a white car cover

For some, a car is more than a car; it’s an experience to be preserved and cared for. These are the kind of drivers who want to protect their ride with a car cover. No matter if you’re looking for a top of the line product or a budget option, it’s important to remember that your car cover needs to match your needs: where you live, how long it will be stored, if you’ll want to lock the cover, if you need heat protection, etc.

That’s why there are some important basics to remember when shopping for car covers:

  • Tan or light gray covers, while not very attractive, work the best in most situations.
  • No cover is waterproof, and nor should it be. A waterproof cover would ruin a car’s paint; instead, select covers that are moisture resistant for particularly wet or snowy climates.
  • A custom fit car cover really is the best; cheap knockoffs just won’t provide superior protection.

Now, with that in mind, there are some top choices in car covers for the most common storage scenarios. Find the category matching your needs to find your best car cover.

Daily Driving

If you remove the cover daily to drive the vehicle, convenience is your biggest consideration. If that’s the case, then the Covercraft Weathershield may be the best for you. This cover folds up super small for easy storage, dries quickly, and is machine washable. As each cover is made with a custom fit for a wide variety of years, makes, and models, expect to pay between $200-$450 for your cover. This cover is exceptionally useful for the winter months when you want to protect your car from frost and snowfall. It will eliminate the need to scrape your windshield and defrost your car before you leave for work. Although, it will be hard to remove after a heavy snowfall.

Inside Storage

Car covers are generally designed to protect against the elements. However, sometimes all you need is a dust shield for indoor storage and paint protection. In this case, the Coverking Satin Stretch Car Cover may be the way to go. This cover is specifically designed for indoor use only and is made of ultra soft materials. Prices start at $200 and go up to about $500. If cost is a worry, then consider going with the Covercraft Dustop Car Cover instead, which frequently runs about $100-$200 less.

Long-Term Storage

If you’re going to store your car for an especially long time, consider using a car cover as well as a car storage bag. Most manufacturers of car storage bags say that their bags are for indoor use only. However, the PermaBag, based in England and Germany, comes with equipment to help climate control the environment, allowing the car to be stored indoors or outdoors. However, these bags don’t come cheap; they start at $700. If you live in an area that receives snow in the winter, then a PermaBag is an excellent choice to protect your vehicle from damaging snowfall for an extended period of time.