2023 Lucid Air: A Trim Comparison

(image via Lucid Motors)

Tesla Motors isn’t the only name in luxury electric cars. Lucid Motors first released the Lucid Air in 2022, a vehicle that rivals Tesla in a way no other luxury electric vehicle brand has so far, offering a sleek design, state-of-the-art technology and powerful performance in every way. Now, the 2023 Lucid Air hits the market with a brand new trim.

2023 Lucid Air Trim Options

The Lucid Air has proven the breakout vehicle for the California startup company. The vehicle is offered in four different trims, each offering improved performance and features over the last. And in terms of driving range, it tops anything Tesla has offered thus far. New for 2023 is the Lucid Air Sapphire trim, offering peak performance for the brand.

(image via Lucid Motors)


The 2023 Lucid Air Pure is the base-level trim that starts at $87,400. When equipped with a dual electric motor and all-wheel-drive powertrain, the Pure trim generates an impressive 480-horsepower. Its 88-kWh lithium-ion battery pack offers a range of 410 miles.

The Lucid Air interior features synthetic leather upholstery. The 34-inch Glass Cockpit features a digital instrument cluster and infotainment touchscreens. There’s also a central Pilot Panel touchscreen.  It comes integrated with navigation, Spotify, HD radio, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa. Other features include wireless device charging, a Wi-Fi hotspot, 10-speaker audio and quad-zone automatic climate control. And on top of that, you’ll get keyless entry and a power trunk lid.

Of course, the Lucid Air wouldn’t be a good rival to Tesla if it didn’t have autonomous driving features, but fear not – it does. The DreamDrive suite of safety features for this electric sports car provides a 360-degree bird’s-eye of the vehicle and it’s surroundings. Among the standard features included with this trim are blind spot monitoring, front and rear cross traffic alert, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning as well as front and rear collision warning, and adaptive cruise control.

(image via Lucid Motors)


The Lucid Air Touring trim starts at $107,400. This model adds an additional electric motor and a 93-kWh battery. The combined horsepower amounts up to 620, while the range moves up to 425 horsepower. Another difference is that this model comes with all-wheel-drive as opposed to the rear-wheel-drive in the base trim.

Genuine leather upholstery and 20-inch wheels are additional features with this trim.

As for optional packages, you can purchase a glass canopy roof for $4,500 or a stealth package for $6,000. The stealth package provides your vehicle with some blacked-out cosmetic changes, a 21-speaker sound system and larger wheels. Lastly, it gives you DreamDrive Pro, a state-of-the-art autonomous driving system.

Grand Touring

The Grand Touring trim features a 112-kWh battery with a 516-mile range, and two electric motors that output a whopping 819 horsepower. Vehicle options are carried over from the other trim, such as 21-inch wheels, 21-speaker audio, a DreamDrive Pro system and  panoramic sunroof. Get this trim starting at $138,000 or upgrade to the Grand Touring Performance model.

(image via Lucid Motors)

The Grand Touring performance model features two electric motors that generate 1,050 horsepower and provide up to 446 miles of range.

Both Grand Touring models include a standard glass canopy roof and massage seats.

Sapphire Edition

Replacing the Dream Edition from last year is the Sapphire. It by far the most expensive model starting at $249,000. However, this one comes fully loaded and provides optimum performance. You’ll get everything in the previous trims including heated and ventilated front seats with massage functionality, a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, rear sunshades and quad-zone climate control.

(image via Lucid Motors)

The main reason to purchase this tri would have to be the vehicle’s three electric motors that provide this supercar with a whopping 1,200 horsepower. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds!

The vehicle has a range of about 425 miles, which is similar to the touring trim. This is not the model to buy however, if you are looking for the most energy-efficient car on the market. This one is about fun, and on that, it delivers.