Top 7 Features to Look for in a New Minivan

a woman sits on the tailgate of her new minivan

Minivans are continuing to be a smart vehicular decision for families around the country. Plenty of space makes these vehicles one of the most appealing options for families with multiple children.

If you are looking to buy a minivan you may be wondering which features are really needed for a family vehicle. Instead of stressing over the options, here are 7 features your minivan should have.

1. Leather Seats

Not only will leather seats barely add to the cost of the car as a whole, they have one important advantage over fabric seats: they clean easy. If you have children in the back who are prone to spills, it will be much easier to wipe up the mess from leather than trying to get it out of car fabric. Leather seats will keep your minivan clean and fresh, which adds to the comfort of your vehicle.

2. Safety Features

Safety is always a big concern for families, and it should be one for you too. Make sure to add safety options to your new vehicle. Many manufacturers will offer things like blind spot monitoring, collision warnings, and cross-traffic alerts for pulling out of parking. Side airbags are also a good option.

3. Infotainment

Infotainment in a car is a combination of things such as radio, GPS, and video entertainment. Infotainment systems are becoming more common, and you will want to make sure your minivan has this feature so that your access to GPS and music will be simplified as you keep an eye on passengers in the back.

4. Rear Entertainment

Tied closely with your infotainment needs, rear entertainment is a good way of keeping the kids occupied on longer drives. With the possibility of being controlled right from the driver’s seat, rear entertainment in the form of screens or even a simple stereo will help to ensure your drive is as peaceful as it can be

5. Conversation Mirror

This small mirror is mostly for the benefit of you as a parent. If passengers in the back are getting rowdy you will be able to simply glance up and see what’s going on instead of dangerously having to turn your head around and take your eyes off the road. Safety is important, and this mirror can help.

6. Storage Space

Nothing is worse than trying to transport groceries or toys only to find that you don’t have the space in your minivan. If this is a concern, look for minivans that have in-floor storage options and reconfigurable seats. Not only will folding seats give you ways of creating more space, but the in-floor storage will give you places for books and toys for your kids to use in the car (or even emergency baby supplies).

7. Power Doors

Power sliding doors may seem like a simple luxury, but you will quickly find they are more necessary than they seem. For example, you can control the power doors from the front of the vehicle, making sure that your kids won’t be playing in the doors or trying to shut each other out. Plus, the power doors can help ensure that no fingers will be caught in the car doors and that you (or your children) won’t be pulling muscles by having to heave open heavy sliding doors time and time again.