The Trashiest Things People Have Done to Their Vehicles

a collage of a hippo car a trash filled car and a car with a rugrats paint job

Unless you live in a big metropolitan area like New York, DC, or Chicago, then you probably use your vehicle several times a day. You’re in it for hours driving to and from work, taking the kids to and from school (not to mention all of their extracurricular activities), and to and from the grocery store at least once a week. We don’t live in our cars, but sometimes it might feel like it. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that a good portion of our week is spent behind the wheel.

That’s why some people make it feel like home. Their car is an expression of themselves so they want it to feel like it’s truly theirs, so they customize it to their hearts’ content. Sometimes, because of a busy lifestyle or a long road trip, you’ll grab some food and have a meal in your car on the way to somewhere else. That’s normal. However, these people have taken things way too far.

This is why we can’t have nice things. We’ve compiled all the ridiculous things that people have done to their cars, including actual trash, trashy license plates, trashy paint jobs, and straight-up trashy driving decisions. Beware out there! You share the road with these people, and that makes us rather worried!

1. Lettuce Out!

a car filled to the brim with heads of lettuce

Why would you ever need this many heads of lettuce/cabbage? Also, why wouldn’t you just rent an actual van that is capable of this type of delivery? Notice that they ran out of room inside and strapped a few to the top as well.

(image via Reddit)

2. Sorry, We’re Dead

a car with many bumper stickers one of which says sorry were dead

They must be the living dead since they are about to turn at a stoplight. At least the sign fits among all their bumper stickers?

(image via Reddit)

3. Art

a car covered in dolls glued to the hood and roof

We understand wanting to show off your doll collection, but the hood and roof of your car probably isn’t the best place to do that.

(image via Reddit)

4. Burnin’ Up the Road

a car with flames as the paint job

No, we didn’t edit the flames onto this truck. Its paint job is made to look like the front wheels are running hot. Honestly, if this car caught fire, we wouldn’t be too upset, from a design point.

(image via Reddit)

5. Filled to the Max

a car filled with trash in the back seat and falling out of the rear door

This Nissan Maxima’s back seat is quite literally filled…to the max. Why? The only valid reason is so he can say “Sorry, I can’t give you a ride” to his needy friends.

(image via Reddit)

6. Carbage

a car with a license plate that says carbage

Car + Garbage = Carbage. It’s a perfect name for everything in this slideshow. But why would you drive around with this as your license plate?

(image via Reddit)

7. An Environmentally-Friendly Vehicle

a woman puts a plant in her convertible car

We’re not sure this is what they had in mind when they said “driving with the top down.” You’re supposed to enjoy the palm trees from the beachside drive, not enjoy them in your actual car.

(image via Reddit)

8. So Lux

a car paint job that is snakeskin

Is a snakeskin car luxurious or tacky? You tell us.

(image via Reddit)

9. Is That a Good Thing?

a license plate that says DM SLIDER

We thought sliding into someone’s Direct Messages was supposed to be a casual thing. Something that you didn’t broadcast. You want the public to know this? Good for you.

(image via Reddit)

10. Too Much Work

a van with fake trash in the back to hide the expensive tools underneath

So this guy made a cover of “garbage” to hide his expensive tools in his work van. No offense, but we didn’t want to steal a fan anyway. To us this just looks like too much work than it’s worth.

(image via Reddit)

11. Grow Up

the hood of a car painted with grown up rugrats characters

No, that’s not Rugrats. It’s Thug Rats. Because a grown-up Angelica, Chucky, and Susie and really cool and have street cred.

(image via Reddit)

12. Hold It Together

a car held together by duct tape

If the entire right side of your car is going to fall off without duck tap, maybe it’s just time to give up. There’s really no saving it.

(image via Reddit)

13. Larry the Mustang Driver

a ford mustang with a license plate that says Get Er Dun

Get-Er-Dun hasn’t been funny since 2003. It’s time to move on. Also, we can guarantee that you aren’t getting anything done with that license plate.

(image via Reddit)

14. Secure Payload

a truck with a dryer in the bed but barely secured with only one thin rope

Don’t take the top off of your truck bed. Just shove a full-size dryer underneath the lid and secure it with two tiny bungee cables. That should do the trick. Have fun on the highway. We’re sure nothing will go wrong.

(image via Reddit)

15. Drain the Swamp

a car with a paint job that looks like an alligator is coming out of the hood

Oh, you really fooled us. We thought the hood of your car was a pool and that you had an alligator in there. Oh, wait. We weren’t fooled. And this isn’t cool. Please drain this swamp.

(image via Reddit)

16. Got Milk?

a license plate that says oreo

Just because it’s your favorite snack doesn’t make it a great vanity license plate. Unless you invented Oreos, but we know that you didn’t. Do we have “guac” on our license plate? No.

(image via Reddit)

17. Backseat Bugs

a collage of bugs crawling on the seat of a dirty car

How do you get to this point? This car is SO DIRTY that it has bugs crawling around inside it! At least they’re sitting the backseat so they won’t be hurt by the airbag.

(image via Reddit)

18. Roof Riders

two love seats on top of an suv held on only by a thin rope

This seems like a good idea. Carry the payload (TWO chairs) on top of your car with only ONE rope. Seems stable. Definitely don’t call a friend with a truck or put it inside your SUV. Those aren’t better ideas.

(image via Reddit)

19. We Can Assure You, No You Aren’t

a license plate that says IM2 SEXY

Are you though? Seems like UR2SEXY for a clever license plate because this isn’t one.

(image via Reddit)

20. Kiss Is Not Nickelback

a car with a hood mural showing the bands kiss and nickelback

No one likes the band Nickelback so, automatically, no one likes this car. It’s called this transitive property. Also, how dare you compare Kiss to Nickelback. Shame on you.

(image via Reddit)

21. FrankenCar

a car covered in graffiti pulling a trailer filled with lots of trash

Firstly, we don’t think this car has the towing capacity for all of those things in the trailer. Secondly, it looks like the car itself is a collection of found parts put together. And if that’s the case, then we’re actually impressed you made it this far on the road.

(image via Reddit)

22. Honest Abe

a license plate that says elkahlc

This, at least to us, just seems like an invitation for police to pull you over and give you a breathalyzer. At least he’s honest?

(image via Reddit)

23. Super Size Me

a car filled with trash that is mostly fast food cups and bags

You don’t just have a trash problem, it also looks like you have a fast food problem…

(image via Reddit)

24. Ash Tray on Wheels

a car center console covered in cigarette butts

It’s actually impressive that your car hasn’t gone up in flames at this point.

(image via Reddit)

25. It Wasn’t Us

a license plate that says DID U FRT

He who smelt it, dealt it.

(image via Reddit)

26. Oversized Load

a truck with a comical amount of things piled into the bed and on top of the vehicle

Sure you got it up there, but how do you get the items down? This is a real-world Jenga.

(image via Reddit)

27. Paint Me Like One of Your French…Girls

a body form merged into the hood of a car

Why? We cannot explain. There is no reason for this. We, honestly, have no words.

(image via Reddit)

28. TMI

an RV with a license plate that says WE SKEET

Please keep that to yourself. There are just some things that everyone doesn’t need to know.

(image via Reddit)

29. Filled to the Brim

a red dodge van filled with trash up to the windows

Sorry, honey. I can’t take the kids to soccer practice today. I still have to take that stuff to Goodwill.

(image via Reddit)

30. No Rope, No Problem

a minivan with a plan pen on top of it held on only by the passengers arm out the window

“No, no. I’ve got it.” Somehow we don’t think that holding on to it out the window will suffice. Also, good luck with all those overpasses.

(image via Reddit)

31. The Trout Truck

a truck painted to look like a large fish

We’re sorry, but no one likes fishing this much. If you thought this was cool, we’ve got bad news for you. It’s just weird.

(image via Reddit)

32. High On Life

a license plate that says 420HIGH

As with other “cheeky” license plates, this just seems like an invitation for a police stop. Your bloodshot eyes are very convincing.

(image via Reddit)

33. Literally Everything But the Kitchen Sink

an old station wagon that is carrying multiple things including a fridge and a stove

At first, we were impressed that you fit all these things in your truck bed. But then we realized that this isn’t a truck. It’s a station wagon with part of the roof missing. Actually, it could be strapped amongst the pile of things, and we just wouldn’t know.

(image via Reddit)

34. Seven Wheels Are Better Than Four

a truck that is missing a wheel so the empty rim is placed on a rolling cart instead

Let’s just hope you only have to go in a straight line. If you need to make some turns, we don’t really have faith. In this case, more wheels really aren’t better.

(image via Reddit)

35. Fill ‘Er Up

a woman driving a truck where the cab is full of trash around her

How can you even reach the pedals if your cab is full all the way up to your elbows? Or turn the steering wheel? So many questions. So few answers.

(image via Reddit)

36. Retro Wood Paneling

an old convertible with planks of wood tied to the side to simulate wood paneling

Hopefully, they are just transporting this lumber and not wanting to embrace the retro faux wood paneling look. But if they are just moving some payload, why not put the top down?

(image via Reddit)

37. If It Fits, It Sits

an suv pulling a trailer that had an oversized trampoline on it

Seems like it fits, to us. What’s the problem?

(image via Reddit)

38. Pucker Up

a red vehicle designed to look like a hippopotamus

Sure, hippos are cool, we guess. But are they this cool? And is it necessary for them to have kissing lips?

(image via Reddit)

39. Jacked Up on Caffeine

a car with the back seat completely filled with mcdonalds coffee cups

And this was all before 10 a.m.! He must have been wired that day!

(image via Reddit)

40. Literally Lit

a driver holding a cigar while driving a jeep with a license plate that says CIGARTME

We guess you’re required to keep a lit cigar in your hands at all times if you’re driving around with this license plate.

(image via Reddit)

41. Is It an Optical Illusion?

an abstract paint job that looks like genitalia on a vehicle

At first, we thought Scooby-Doo. Then, we thought “ruh roh.” Followed by “yikes.”

(image via Reddit)