20 Vehicles Likely to Last More Than 200,000 Miles

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With the cost of vehicles on the rise, it just makes sense to look into one that can last seemingly forever. However, with the endless twists and turns of the internet, it can be hard to find the right information, let alone understand everything to make an informed decision.

People looking for a long-lasting vehicle have a monumental task before them. Conflicting reports and out there car jargon can confuse the average, everyday buyer. Thankfully, there are some companies out there that are trying to make things easier for ordinary people. ISeeCars.com conducted a study of more than 13.5 million cars to find out which models offered the longest-lasting cars.

The study focused on cars that could reach and go beyond 200,000 miles. On average, about 1.2% of those models reached the goal, though there were some very distinct winners (SUVs specifically seemed to be the heavy hitters). ISeeCars.com CEO Phong Ly said, “While today’s vehicles have the potential to reach 200,000 miles with proper maintenance and care, certain models are far more likely to achieve that milestone.”

Based on this information, we’ve compiled a list of 20 cars most likely to reach that 200k milestone. These cars were built to last, and they seem to be living up to that expectation. See if your car made the list.

20. Nissan Maxima

a red nissan maxima

Not quite as popular as the Altima, the Maxima has still proved itself as reliable time and time again. With proper care and maintenance, 1.3% of models have seen more than 200,000 on the dashboard.

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19. Toyota Prius

a silver toyota prius

The first of two Hybrids on this list, the Toyota Prius is another reliable Toyota car that makes the list. Thanks to its crazy high fuel consumption and easy maintenance, 1.3% of models making it over 200k.

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18. Toyota Camry

a red toyota camry

Toyota is known for manufacturing reliable cars with excellent fuel consumption, and the Camry is a perfect example of that. The Camry isn’t as high as our other contenders, but with 1.5% of models reaching over 200k, it still raises a bit higher than the average.

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17. Chevrolet Impala

a black chevrolet impala

Tied with the earlier mentioned Toyota Camry, the Chevy Impala also holds a 1.5% of models reaching upwards of 200k miles.

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16. Ford F-150

a silver ford f-150

The F-150 is one of the most unshakeable trucks in the industry. In the running for cars that’ll last upward of 200,000 miles this car ranks in the top 15. Nearly 2% of all F-150s have topped 200,000 miles.

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15. Honda Accord

a blue honda accord

Comparing passenger cars to SUVs and trucks in this kind of competition, they were usually outmatched. Except for this one. The Accord was the only midsize sedan model to make the top ten with 2% of Accords reaching over 200k.

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14. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

a black chevrolet silverado

With 2.1% of Silverado 1500s still on the road after 200,000 miles, it’s unsurprising why it’s such a favorite work truck. A strong showing for one of GM’s best sellers.

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13. Lincoln Navigator

a golden tan lincoln navigator

One of the most luxurious cars on this list, the Lincoln Navigator has 2.2% of its models reaching the over 200k mark. If you have the coin for such a lavish car, why not make sure to get one that lasts for a while and looks good while it does?

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12. Honda Ridgeline

a gray honda ridgeline

For durable trucks, this one sits snugly at the top. An impressive 2.2% of these showed over 200k. Customer satisfaction scores also show that this truck is consistently a joy for most owners to drive.

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11. Toyota Tundra

a blue toyota tundra

Competing with Chevy and Ford full-size pickups is no small task, but the Tundra holds up simply because it’s less costly. ISeeCars.com found that 2.2% of Tundras reached over 200k. Consumer Reports also ranked the Tundra among the most reliable vehicles of the decade. No other trucks made the list.

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10. Honda Odyssey

a dark blue almost black honda odyssey

The only minivan to turn up on this list for the second year in a row. 2.4% of Odyssey’s had at least 200k on the odometer.

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9. Toyota Avalon

a white toyota avalon

The Avalon has consistently been highly rated for its reliability and owner satisfaction, which helps it reach its spot on this list. This large sedan has 2.4% of owned models reaching over 200k, the highest in its class.

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8. Toyota Tacoma

a gray toyota tacoma

Full-size pickups took most of the top spots, but that didn’t stop this compact pickup. The Tacoma was the only compact pickup to rank among the top 10 smaller pickups with 2.6% topping 200,000. Some even reach beyond 300,000 miles.

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7. GMC Yukon

a black gmc yukon

SUVs based on the classic Chevy truck platform lasted even longer than their pickup counterparts. The GMC Yukon had an impressive 2.8% reaching over 200k.

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5. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

a red toyota highlander hybrid

The second of the Hybrids on this list, the Highlander has a total of 3.1% of its models reaching over 200k. Efficient, reliable, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. What else could you ask for?

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5. Chevrolet Tahoe

a red chevrolet tahoe

The bigger the SUV, the greater the longevity apparently. The Tahoe, Chevy’s large SUV based on the Silverado platform, shows a remarkable 3.8% of cars in the 200k club.

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4. Toyota 4Runner

a dark navy blue toyota 4runner

No car in the past century could top the 4Runners reliability scores. Head and shoulders above the pack with 13 straight years of top reliability ratings, owners seemed just fine keeping these for as long as possible. An impressive 4.2% reached over 200k, while 0.3% reached over 300k (three times the average).

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3. Chevrolet Suburban

a white chevrolet suburban

For SUV owners, the Chevy Suburban isn’t exactly the most reliable model in the world, but that doesn’t stop it from staying on the road. Over 5% of owners had logged over 200,000 miles in 2017, and 0.2% reached upward of 300,000.

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2. Ford Expedition

a dark gray ford expedition

Topping the list of longest-lasting cars in 2017, the Expedition had an astonishing 5.4% that topped 200k. A fully redesigned version dropped in 2018, and it remains to be seen how that one holds up to the original.

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1. Toyota Sequoia

a white toyota sequoia

The only car to boast five times the average of models reaching upwards of 200,000 miles, an astounding 6.6% and 0.2% reaching over 300,000 miles.

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