What Cars Will Look Like in 100 Years, According to AI

Automobiles have been around in some form or another since the 1600s, and even the modern-day cars we know today got their start all the way back in the late 1800s! Since that time, thousands of models and styles have been introduced to the market, and it doesn’t appear that the demand for newer, better cars is going anywhere soon.

While they’ll probably look significantly different than the vehicles we own today, we have no doubt that the auto industry will still be booming 100 years from now. If only we could take a peek to see what’s in store for the cars of the future…

Well, thanks to the help of AI, now we can get a potential glance at these futuristic vehicles!

Recently, AI image generators have become all the rage thanks to their seemingly magical ability to conjure up any image we can think of. With just a short text input from users, these programs can basically create anything you can dream up.

Today, we’re taking a look at what cars 100 years from now might look like with the help of these AI programs. These image generators might not be able to predict the future, but they have managed to dream up some truly fantastical, futuristic cars.

Let’s get started!

Not the Most Beautiful Car in the Future

We can’t help but imagine that this is a future descendant of the Pontiac Aztek because we’ve never seen a car that’s quite as ugly as this one! In the future, beautiful design is apparently a thing of the past. We have no clue what kind of person would want to drive this behemoth of an eyesore.

We’re also not sure why it appears that the front half of the car is significantly taller than the back half, but we’re sure that’s definitely going to cause problems if you took this thing out for a spin! If this is the future of vehicles, we’ll just stick with the present, thanks.

A Car with a View

Who doesn’t like a gorgeous view when going for a drive? We love that this AI-generated car has a glass dome on top of the car for optimum viewing of everything around you. However, as cool as some parts of this car look, we’ve also seen a few things that have left us scratching our heads.

Namely, we’re still trying to figure out where in the world the wheels are on this thing! Hopefully, this is a floating car, because it doesn’t look like this thing is moving forward on land any time soon. Overall though, the AI program did a great job at creating a vehicle that feels straight from the future.

The Racecar of the Future

This futuristic car looks like something that the great-great-great-grandson of Speed Racer would drive. This also vaguely resembles a Ferrari—if the creators drank a few too many before designing it! If this is the car of the future, we’re in for some weird times on the road.

There are definitely some strange things about this car, like that mysterious lump in the back, but we absolutely love that one of the headlights is covered and makes the car look like it’s wearing an eyepatch. This one definitely may need a few design revisions before it’s ready for the road.

Floating on Air

Humans have long dreamed of flying cars—from Back to the Future to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to The Jetsons. However, until now, these miraculous machines have been nothing more than a fantasy. But maybe we’ll figure out the technology within the next 100 years or so!

If this AI-generated image is a vision of things to come, then sign us up! We love how this contraption looks to be equal parts car and spaceship and seems to be floating along without a care in the world. Let’s just hope that the skies don’t get congested during rush hour!


It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the Bugatti brand, but they have managed to stay alive and relevant for more than 100 years. Originally founded in the early 1900s, the business struggled after the death of its founder, only to be revived in the 1980s by a private investor.

If the company manages to stay around for another century, we could totally see them putting out a car like this one. However, you might be a bit cramped for space in this thing, as it appears that the tires on the car are taller than the cabin itself! However, this sleek, black build is definitely giving us Batmobile vibes.


Despite the fact that it was only on the market for a few years in the ’80s, the DMC DeLorean has managed to achieve eternal fame thanks to the big role it plays in the Back to the Future franchise. The gull-wing doors on the vehicle might have looked ridiculous to some, but it gave the car a very interesting futuristic feel.

While a real DeLorean might not be able to help you travel into the future, we can get a glimpse of a potential future version of this car thanks to the magic of AI. It may look a little too angular for its own good, but we’d still be glad to take this thing for a spin any day!

Pickup Truck

Is there anything more American than a pickup truck? Originally created to be used by farmers and others with outdoorsy jobs, most pickups these days are purchased for bragging rights alone. The pickup is one of the most commonly purchased vehicle types in the country, despite the fact that only about 16% of vehicles manufactured are trucks.

We could totally see Ford or Chevy trying to sell this truck 100 years in the future. Aside from the fact that there appear to be no visible doors to enter the truck, this thing looks pretty cool! The designs on this pickup get a bit “melty” looking in places, but you have to admit this would definitely be an eye-catching model.


SUVs may have originally been created to give buyers a taste of off-roading driving, but these days, you’re just as likely to see them in the middle of a city, carting a bunch of kids off to soccer practice. You may spend an arm and a leg on gas for these things, but you’ll never feel too cramped when you’re driving one.

This AI-generated image of a futuristic SUV is definitely a bit of a mixed bag. We love that it almost looks like this thing is floating on air, but we’re not as crazy about the weird boxy, angular design. However, that element does feel very realistic, as car companies have already put plenty of eyesore cars on the roads over the years!

Formula One Car

If you’re looking for the fastest of the fast, look no further than the iconic Formula One cars. The cars, which are often designed by the racing teams themselves, are known for their ridiculously high speeds and unique look. This is definitely not the car you take out for a relaxing Sunday drive!

We hope that car racing sticks around for another century or two because a Formula One car like this would be absolutely awesome. It’s definitely got an unusual shape, but what else is new—these cars have always been known to look a little weird. The orange lighting (or paint) makes the whole thing look like it’s a flaming speed demon.


We’re not sure what it is about Germans and luxury cars, but the European country is home to multiple major luxury brands, including BMW. The company got its start in the early 1900s, and since then, they’ve become synonymous with fancy, high-priced automobiles. There’s no telling what they’ll come up with in the next 100 years!

While this AI-generated image of a futuristic BMW looks pretty cool, we’re not sure how practical it would be—it looks like the car is heavy on the structural elements but worryingly light on a windshield you can actually see through! Hopefully, we’ll have perfected self-driving cars by then because this looks like an automobile crash waiting to happen.


Mercedes-Benz got its start all the way back in 1886 when Carl Benz released what’s believed to be the first self-propelled vehicle using a combustion engine. Since then, the German brand has come to be known for its classy (and very pricey) luxury vehicles. We can’t help but wonder what the future has in store for this company.

We just hope that the future of Mercedes-Benz isn’t much like this car created by AI image generators! This is definitely one vehicle that’s way too futuristic for its own good—how in the world do you even get into a vehicle like this? Let’s hope that cars are a little more than just metal blobs 100 years from now.

Rolls Royce

When it comes to high-end, luxury cars, no other name is as well known or envied as Rolls-Royce. These classy cars have been on the road since the first models were introduced in 1906, and they still remain as one of the biggest players in the luxury car business.

If this AI-generated image is what Rolls-Royce cars will look like in 100 years, we really hope they manage to stick around that long! We definitely wouldn’t say no to a luxury car outlined with bright neon colors like these. However, we shudder to think at what a car like this would actually cost!

(Images via Midjourney)