Are Car Covers Worth the Money?

Are you concerned with preserving your car’s appearance? Are you considering buying a car cover, but can’t seem to decide if it’s worth the money?

Do I Need a Car Cover?

First of all, you should think about how old your car is and what condition it’s in. Obviously, if your car is pretty old and hasn’t been kept in good condition it probably isn’t worth the money to buy a car cover. On the other hand, a car cover can be a very good investment for a newer car or for a car that has been kept in very good condition. The right car cover can protect not only your car’s exterior but the interior as well.

Car covers offer:

  • A dust, dirt, and moisture barrier
    Not only can covers protect against dirt and water, they can also protect against dust, snow, rain, and pollutants.
  • Protection against impacts
    Your car can still pick up little scratches and nicks even if it is just sitting.
  • Resistance to UV rays and mold
    Specialty fabrics such as polypropylene can be treated so as to give your car increased protection against UV rays, mildew, and mold.

A Better Cover Costs More

Remember that you get what you pay for. The cheaper car covers can do well for a short while, but these are usually made of inferior materials and don’t last very long — sometimes only a couple of weeks. Cheaper covers don’t stay on the car well and are easily blown away by a strong wind. Spending a bit more for a good quality cover can really pay off. A better quality car cover protect your car for years.

Choosing a car cover:

  • Air flow
    Air should be able to circulate under and through your car’s cover. Enough air flow can protect against condensation and moisture buildup under the cover. It can also help reduce the buildup of heat in inside your car and protect your car’s interior.
  • Benefits of an All-Season Cover
    If you are able to keep your car indoors and just want to keep dust from accumulating on it, then you can get by with a lighter cover made of cotton. But if your car is mostly outdoors you will want to get an all-season cover. This type of cover will be heavier and more rugged.
  • Custom Fit:
    Remember that the best protection for your car comes from a car cover that is custom fit to your vehicle.