Car Insurance Quotes: The Best Free Websites

Getting car insurance can sometimes be a hassle because there are so many companies battling for your business. Rather than visiting the website of every single auto insurance group, you can use one of these sites that compares car insurance quotes from several different companies at once.


The commercials for Progressive are entertaining, but it’s also a great site to compare car insurance quotes from some of the top companies in the business. To do so, you only need to fill out some basic information like where you live and what vehicle you drive.

After you get your Progressive quote, you can answer a few more questions and get rates from major companies in your area such as GEICO, Allstate, and more. provides auto quotes from top companies so that you can shop, switch, and save. To get your car insurance quote, you simply fill in the necessary information you’d give any auto insurance business: your vehicle, how many miles per year you drive, what you primarily use your car for, and your driving record.

Once you complete this step, you’re able to tailor your policy to what you need, and pulls quotes that are relevant to your situation.


Esurance is an Allstate company, but it provides quotes from several different competitors to help you decide which auto insurance company is right for you. Like the others, you fill out a few forms on your car, driving history, and previous insurance, and then you can request a quote without hassle.

It can take a little more time to complete your car insurance quote with Esurance because of the amount of information needed, but the information is necessary to get the most accurate insurance prices possible.

The Zebra

The Zebra makes it easy to compare quotes from many of the top companies like Farmers, State Farm, Allstate, and more. The site even pulls from local businesses you may have not previously considered. After putting in the necessary information, The Zebra pulls auto insurance quotes from these companies and even makes it easy for you to click to confirm a price quote.

If you’ve never heard of a company, The Zebra also gives you a breakdown of the company by providing its Better Business Bureau rating, some of the features, and any awards that may have been obtained. With this information, you’ll totally know which auto insurance quote would best suit you.