The Most Ridiculous Cars and Trucks You’ve Ever Seen

a purple and yellow van that has been heavily modified to look like a transformer

For car enthusiasts, there’s a thrill in customizing their vehicles. However, the line between unique and outlandish can sometimes get blurred. These heavily modified cars push the boundaries of taste. Whether they’re considered impressive feats of engineering or gaudy displays, these vehicles are guaranteed to turn heads. Join us as we explore some of the most ridiculous car modifications ever seen.

1. Colossal Camo

a lifted car with a black and white camo pattern

(Image via Pinterest)

As if it wasn’t bad enough to plop an entire car on top of a truck, they covered the whole thing in camo. Hilariously, the paint job just draws even more attention to this monstrosity.

2. Bring a Step Stool

a man hanging out the window of his car on top of very tall thin rims with no wheels

(Image via Pinterest)

This is about as close to a penny-farthing as you’ll see in the modern world. It’s almost impressive to see those ridiculous wheels prop up an entire car. Almost.

3. Wheels in Different Time Zones

a truck with an extended cab that has 3 doors on each side

(Image via Reddit)

At this point, the truck is already way too long. Why not slap on another cab or two and turn this thing into even more of a nuisance?

4. Dung Beetle

a volkswagen beetle with monster truck tires

(Image via Pinterest)

If any car has a well-deserved inferiority complex, it’s the VW Beetle. Unfortunately, there are not tires big enough to make this vehicle look cool.

5. Bloody Trucks

a lifted red truck with a hood shaped and painted to look like bloody teeth

(Image via Pinterest)

This truck looks objectively ridiculous, but I don’t want to bad-mouth it too much in case we experience some sort of Maximum Overdrive-style situation.

6. Ford F-1500

an oversized ford f-150 that towers over a woman standing next to it for scale

(Image via Pinterest)

This is a truck that people think will make them look tough, but how wrong they are. Nobody looks tough while trying to writhe and shimmy into a vehicle that’s six feet higher than it needs to be.

7. All Terrain…Something

an ATV with oversized wheels and fancy shiny rims

(Image via Pinterest)

Apparently, the ATV world wasn’t content to let cars have all the stupid tire fun. Something tells me that wouldn’t last five minutes in the actual woods.

8. A “Classic” Car

a retro car with a flame paint job and an oversized engine that sticks up out of the hood

(Image via Pinterest)

When it comes to classic cars, I think it’s easier to forgive some flashy additions. So, the flames can stay, but that bazooka coming out of the hood absolutely has to go.

9. Robot Jeep

a stylized jeep wrangler with a sheetmetal gray paint job and angular wheel wells

(Image via Pinterest)

I guess if you’re a soldier in some post-apocalyptic future, this might be an okay vehicle. However, for the rest of us, it just looks like an ugly mix of sharp angles and giant tires.

10. Know Thyself

a retro chevy ss with doubly wide tires and a license plate that says NASTYSS

(Image via Pinterest)

First things first—those tires are unforgivable. There’s no getting around that fact (or those tires). That being said, at least the license plate lets us know the owner has some level of self-awareness.

11. Almost Paradise

a van with a beach landscape and bikini woman painted on the side

(Image via Pinterest)

This is a case of the fantastic execution of a terrible idea. I’d like to see what this airbrush artist can do when it doesn’t involve a ridiculous car.

12. Taste the Rainbow

a sports car painted in a rainbow gradient paint job including the rims

(Image via Pinterest)

I’m sure whoever bought this car wanted the attention it would bring. Let’s just hope that attention doesn’t come from vehicle thieves.

13. 8-Wheel Drive

view of the rear of a lifted dodge ram that has 4 wheels across the back

(Image via Pinterest)

This truck either needs to add another set of wheels or ditch one. The proportions just look ridiculous as is.

14. The Family Vehicle

a lifted SUV with skull painted on it and license plate that says ALL EVIL but also has stickers of a family denoting six members

(Image via Reddit)

Whoever owns this car is clearly proud of their big family–but I’m sure the kids are humiliated when they have to shimmy up those truck nuts to get in the car.

15. Simply Exhausting

an economy car with exhaust pipes that direct upward as high as the car roof

(Image via Reddit)

These exhaust pipes have managed to do the impossible. They’re so long and ridiculous that they actually loop back around to being cool.

16. Mixed Messages

a car that has window lettering saying honk if you have depression but also a giant spoiler saying big wang gang

(Image via Reddit)

Even membership in the Big Wang Gang won’t protect you from mental health issues. Neither will that ridiculous spoiler.

17. Rims Are For Everyone

a teal coupe convertible with a matching teal cloth top and teal rims

(Image via Reddit)

Looks like grandma discovered the world of rims. That, or she wanted an SUV and couldn’t afford one.

18. Grumpy Jeep

a black and gold jeep with headlights designed to make the front of the vehicle look like an angry face

(Image via Reddit)

This Jeep is clearly very upset with you. Hopefully, you can smooth things over before he smooths you over.

19. A Little Lopsided

a lifted truck where the body isn't centered over the wheels but over the left two instead

(Image via Reddit)

At first, I thought this was a terrible tire job, but the owner clearly wanted this done. Hopefully, he never has to drive in a straight line.

20. Get Low

the body of a truck that looks like it's sinking into the pavement

(Image via Reddit)

Most of the vehicles in this slideshow have been ridiculous because of their height, but this car has the opposite problem. Heck, a Barbie Jeep has more height than this thing.

21. Wheely Big

a small ford focus that is mudding with tires almost as big as the car itself

(Image via Reddit)

Something tells me these weren’t the factory wheels on this car. Seems like they might make opening the door a bit of a pain.

22. Hummer Jr.

a large hummer with comically undersized small tires

(Image via Reddit)

Big tires don’t make a car look ridiculous–bad proportions do.  If you’re gonna buy something as big as a Hummer, you absolutely need big tires to match.

23. Tires Doing the Splits

a low riding car with tires tilted into the wheel well

(Image via Reddit)

This may look ridiculous, but hey, he’ll probably get twice the life out of those tires, considering that half of them aren’t touching the ground.

24. DIY Adjustments

a car with plastic coverings duct taped on it as a DIY fix

(Image via Reddit)

Sometimes you just don’t have the money you need for the mods you want. This car gets an A for effort and an F for literally everything else.

25. Brand Loyalty

the hood of a ford truck completely covered in chrome stick ons and ford texas stickers

(Image via Reddit)

I think this might be a Ford, but I’m not really a car person. Any experts want to weigh in?

26. Exhausting All Your Options

a mercedes with 8 exhaust pipes out of the rear

(Image via Reddit)

One is plenty. Two is fine. But four? I guess that’s okay, too, because three would look even more ridiculous.

27. Not Your Father’s Aztek

a completely custom Pontiac Aztek that is black and red resembling RoboCop or Transformers with scissor doors

(Image via Reddit)

Some people might think this looks insane, but it’s honestly a step up from a non-modified Pontiac Aztek. A few more mods and it will be completely unrecognizable—as it should be.

28. I’ve Had a Little Work Done

a heavily customized dodge viper with extra aerodynamic scoops along the sides, roof, and hood

(Image via Reddit)

This is the equivalent of a person who has so much plastic surgery that they look terrifying. It’s hard to complain about this one because it’s so difficult to look at it directly.

29. Overcompensating the Right Way

a purple and yellow van that looks almost like a dragon

(Image via Reddit)

Someone is clearly overcompensating for something here, but they’ve done it in the best way possible. If you’re gonna draw attention to yourself, do something worth looking at like this owner.

30. Spoiler Alert

a small smart car with an oversized spoiler on top of the car

(Image via Reddit)

This thing doesn’t look like a spoiler as much as it looks like a parasail. I’m expecting that tiny little car to take flight at any moment.